Should we watch Hatchet 3? (Decker Shado video)

Hatchet 3 was the horror film of the Hatchet trilogy. It chronicles the ongoing adventures of Victor Crowley and his murderous rampage through Honey Island Swamp in Louisiana. The film features Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley, Brian Quinn as Deputy Winslow as well as Rileah Vanderbilt as Misty.

The strengths of the film lie in the practical effects. Unlike many modern horror movies which heavily rely on CG effects, Hatchet 3 features mostly realistic makeup effects and sets, resulting in some truly terrifying moments throughout the film.

Kane Hodder stands out as an intimidating villain. The cast provides a solid performance. The dialogue feels like a 1980s slasher movie. It is witty and funny enough. There are instances of humor in the film which add humour to bloody action.

Due to the budget being $1 million, most locations (click now to view news) were reused from previous films. The boat house used twice in the movie was one example. Much of this feels like it was recycled from other films within the series. This can make it feel almost too familiar at times especially for people who've watched Hatchet or Hatchet 2

Overall, I was impressed by Hatchet 3 even though it felt very similar to prior entries in this series--it provided lots of bloody thrills as well as entertaining performances from the actors.

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